The stage forms the centerpiece of the entire venue. It is the place where the bride and the groom are brought in to meet the guests and seek their blessings. It is generally decorated most elaborately, with a beautiful backdrop and one or a pair of decorative seats. The fact that this will be the most photographed area of the entire venue must be kept in mind while choosing the stage d├ęcor. The color scheme as well as the theme of the wedding has to be kept in mind. Long flowy drapes works best, interspersed with lights that form nice bokeh effect in the photographs. Densely packed strings of frothy flowers may also be used as a backdrop of the stage. Id the themes and color scheme permits it is always good to plan the backdrop in colors complimentary to the bride and groom’s attires. The Chair on which the bride and groom are seated is often reminiscent of a throne, with lush velvet upholstery and gilded trims.High backed chairs in specific colors may also be used. One can substitute the settee with a beautiful wooden swing.
We make your wedding ceremony complete and joyful with the Indian traditional element of entertainment: Band, Baja, and Dhol were treated as the only elements of amusement.
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